This is what I do.

I draw, paint, dye, print, hand stitch, machine embroider; make textile artworks, accessories and soft furnishings. I teach workshops and courses at my studio.

I am a rare animal these days - I have a BA Honours Degree in Embroidery. In the 40 years since graduating I have collected further qualifications, such as PGCE in Art and in 2013 I was awarded a Fellowship of the Society of Designer Craftsmen.

My work has changed considerably in those years but I always involve stitch. I use many other textile processes as well; dyeing, printing and staining the fabrics that I stitch into by hand or machine.

I have recently become the owner of an ‘Irish’ machine, which is an industrial embroidery machine on which I can free draw with a zigzag stitch that is twice as wide as a normal domestic machine – very exciting!

Also I have recently extended my studio space to cover 3 rooms so have more space to run workshops and develop courses in art, design and textile techniques.