Inspired by the Derbyshire landscape.

Free drawing on a special embroidery machine.

Sue Lancaster

Posted by Sue Lancaster on Mar 15, 2018
Snow At Sunset
Massive zig zag stitches on an 'Irish' industrial embroidery machine.

Welcome to my blog.
I will be taking part in Hathersage Fringe on April 28th and I hope to meet some of you at this rather exciting and special event. Meanwhile I will be posting a bit of a diary - a sort of 'here's what I get up to as a textile artist'.

The picture above was made last year on a special embroidery machine which is new to me but was probably made in the mid 20th century. This framed piece is one of several wall hung pieces that I have packed up today as part of the work which I am taking down to London tomorrow. I am taking part in the Contemporary Textiles Fair at the Landmark Arts Centre, Teddington which is an annual event that I have done many times. I ways aim to produce new work for this event but also take along other pieces that will enhance the look of the stand.

The colours in my new collection, which is a range of bags and book covers, are quite bright and quality of the colour schemes that I have used are similar to this landscape. The sun was just heading for the horizon as we ended our walk and lit the bracken creating a vibrant orange but as we came off the moor, on our way to the Grouse for a well deserved pint, the sky became a heavy turquoise blue/grey and a snow flurry coated the fields on the opposite hillside. The scene was full of contrasts and I managed to capture it on my camera.

I will be posting images of the new work and my stand at the event. Later I will also be showing you my work space, where I also teach adults, and showing a few of the ways that I work in order to create my textiles.

I hope that you will choose to follow me and find out more about this exciting medium to work in.

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